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Edo Krilic is a fantastic musician and a great person to know. His accordion technique and musical creativity deserve admiration. It is clearly inspiring to listen to his music. We are pleased to announce that Edo's limited edition book with original compositions and accompanying CD is available to order in the USA from the Accordion Gallery.

Edo Krilic's original musicEdo Krilic's original music
Edo Krilic's Original Music


- Sar-Pari
- Minor Polka
- Guerrini Waltz
- Akkordeonissimo
- Mosk-Pari
- Eclectic Dance
- Memories of Manko

Here is a link to a YouTube preview of the pieces:



We would like to welcome Dallas Vietty to the Siwa & Figli Featured Artists Club. It is a pleasure and honor to have another very talented young artist endorse our brand. Dallas specializes in Parisian swing-waltz style of Musette and Gypsy Jazz. He performs with a Super Cobra Elegant accordion.

Dallas ViettyDallas Vietty
Dallas Vietty

In addition to being a successful soloist and band leader, Dallas has the talent to teach and inspire. As an educator he has taught at the famous Django music camp "Django in June", led workshops at the American Accordionist Association Festival 2012, and has a prolific private studio and growing online teaching presence. He is one of a few who have a curriculum and knowledge of Musette and Gypsy Jazz for the piano accordion.

Check Dallas' web site for current musical projects and forthcoming events.


Siwa & Figli has developed two new models.

The Academy 55 is a concert converter bass instrument. It offers the performer both Stradella (bass/chords) and chromatic free bass with low-E and amazing response time even in the lowest octaves. Each accordion is custom built. Call to discuss special features and delivery time.

The Champion is a unique accordion on the market today, designed to offer the best from the old legendary models Sonola SS6 and Dallape Organtone II, combined with the latest development in mechanics and ergonomics. The Champion is a light weight 3-reed version of the Super Quattro Artist and features the same mahogany tone chamber and hand made reeds. Each accordion comes with interchangeable reed blocks for LMH and LMM configuration. Available in stock with 18" and soon with 19.5" keyboard.

Musikmesse 2014 - Photo Gallery
Siwa & Figli Accordion featured at the
67th Annual Columbus Day Parade in NYC

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The Classic Siwa Super Quattro

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Super Quattro 45
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Hand Painted Grill
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Siwa Super Cobra Elegant

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