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Oktoberfest Sale


Ron Oswanski is a recognized talented musician, performing wide range of repertoire spanning from jazz (Hammond B3 organ and piano) to polka and fusion (accordion). He has been an Accordion Gallery friend and customer for years. Recently I had the pleasure to work with Ron and Siwa & Figli on the design of a custom-made  accordion suitable for all different polka styles from Slovenian to Cleveland. The challenge was to select the right reed configuration and tuning while keeping the instrument compact and ergonomic. 

In Ron's words "The Siwa Schumann custom made for me with the help of Guenadiy and the Accordion Gallery captures everything I was looking for in a musette instrument.  The accordion is custom designed from the ground up with a reed configuration of MMMM.  The appearance, tuning, size, and midi capabilities are as good, if not better than anyone can expect out of a high end accordion in a compact design.  The custom musette tuning was exactly as I asked, and Guenadiy was more than happy to help map out for me.  The Schumann, on top of it being a power house instrument, has the bonus of wireless midi built in.  The setup allows me to not only run built in sounds from the internal sound card, but gives me the ability to WIRELESSLY run Mainstage at virtually no latency.  With a series of volume pedals, I'm able to mix my acoustic accordion with not only multiple bass setups, but combine those options with various synths all in real time and again,...   all wirelessly!

Thank you Siwa and Guenadiy!!

Ron OswanskiRon Oswanski
Ron Oswanski

You can see Ron performing live at one of his many gigs - click the link below for his performing schedule:

Ron Oswanski's Performances


Hello Accordion Friends,

The Summer vacations are almost over and Oktoberfest gigs are already in sight. Isn't this the perfect time to buy that new accordion you've been dreaming off at a great price and backed with the Accordion Gallery's comprehensive warranty and service? What better way to retain the positive energy from the summer and channel it into inspiring performance on a beautiful new instrument with gorgeous look, flawless mechanics, and memorable tone.

Here is our special offer to you on new 37 or 38 keys piano accordions, perfect for strolling, loaded with special features like hand-made reeds, amplification, custom body finish, Tone Modulator, etc.

Oktoberfest Sale

All accordions are available in stock and backed by our comprehensive Accordion Gallery warranty. I am sure some of you reading this message will join our long list of satisfied customers.


The collaboration between the Accordion Gallery and Siwa & Figli has been very successful. The Siwa Community is growing and we are happy to receive feedback and ideas from our customers.  We are listening to your ideas and use our own experience and expertise to help every Siwa accordion player achieve the best musical expression by a custom made acoustically and mechanically perfect instrument.  Since 2007 our joint creative projects lead to the development of many new models. To make it easier for our customers to compare features and select the right accordion for their needs we are offering Features Comparison Charts accessible via new menu idem under SIWA Accordions > Features Charts.

We intend to update the charts as new models are developed. Each model name is a link to detailed description and pictures.

Please, take a look and send your feedback.


Musikmesse is the largest international trade show for musical instruments and sheet music. Imagine 4 days packed full with special presentations and concerts. Accordion manufacturers, bellows and reed makers, electronics developers (MIDI, microphones) - you can clearly sense the pulse of the industry, try the latest products, talk to the artisans and many of the world renowned artists.

I always look forward to this time of the year when I can join Siwa & Figli and many of our friends for a memorable couple of days. This year's Featured Artists Jordan Djevic and Marcel Cestari and Rok Švab treated us and all our guests with fabulous performances. 

Ivana Stanojlovic's birthday celebration evolved to an engaging party. Congratulations to Graziano and Ivana and their parents!

The photographs below should give you an idea about the spirit of the event.

Musikmesse 2016 - Photo Gallery



The latest Siwa & Figli accordion model can be seen and played at the Accordion Gallery. The Schumann model is designed for strolling musicians who like a more compact and light weight instrument that still features full size keys and hand-made reeds. The weight reduction is achieved by reducing the keyboard range from 41 keys to 37 keys F-F. As a result, the accordion body can be more compact as well.  Here is a link to detailed specifications

Siwa & Figli Schumann

Siwa & Figli Schumann Palisander AccordionSiwa & Figli Schumann Palisander Accordion
Siwa & Figli Schumann Palisander Accordion

The Schuman models are finished in rosewood, olive, walnut root, maple etc. They look gorgeous and the tonal quality and ease of handling are equally appealing. All instrument feature hand made reeds and genuine leather valves. You can order any reed configuration and custom tuning. Many special options are available like wooden Tone Modulator, interchangeable reed blocks, amplification, MIDI, and custom color patterns (keys/buttons/bellows colors).

Musikmesse 2014 - Photo Gallery
Siwa & Figli Accordion featured at the
67th Annual Columbus Day Parade in NYC

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