American Made EXCELSIOR Concert Multi-Grand Model
Often referred to as the "OO" Model

The 1950s Excelsior is among the most admired accordions. There are many reasons for Excelsior's special place in the accordion world. The instrument offered here is a lighter weight version of the Symphony model. You can think of the OO model as a Symphony model without the tone modulator and the automatic treble switches and with 5 sets of bass reeds. The OO model features 4 rocker-action switches that allows for 15 different treble sounds. The tone is very vibrant, rich, strong. It is more similar to the Titano and Sonola than to the generally more mellow Excelsior sound from the 1950-60s.  The cosmetic condition is very good with only minor body scratches.

This accordion sold in the early 1950s for almost $1000. This was a lot of money at that time. Without a doubt now it sounds even better! How to put a price tag on such a treasure. It will be priceless to the new happy owner.

The accordion will come with new bellows protector.

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