Ketron XD3 - HD Sound Module, Drum Machine & MIDI Arranger

Live Performer with a lot of flexibility for Midi.

Perfect for the Midi Accordionist, Midi Guitarist or those wishing to expand their current line-up.

The XD3 offers all you'll need in a mid-range keyboard module with exciting features like Drum Remix, Live Drums, Midi file player and the capability to create your own styles (or load in new ones).

Add on the optional Pattern expansion memory card (for even more style space), vocalizer (to add human back-ground voices to what you sing), video card (to display lyrics or screen information onto an external computer monitor) and you're 'loaded'. XD3 is made in Italy with pride!

The XD3 from Ketron is a sound module arranger workstation that offers the same features as the XD9 keyboard, only the keyboard, speakers, and pitch and modulation wheels have been removed.

This makes the XD3 a great choice if you already have a MIDI accordion or keyboard for control, but need the great sounds and arranger features that Ketron provides.

Nearly 300 voices, over 1000 percussion sounds, and 172 styles are built-in so you can create music in a variety of genres and styles. Designed with the MIDI accordion user in mind, the XD3 can also be used with a MIDI keyboard controller.

Other connectors include a microphone input and output, 1/4" audio outputs, and a computer interface. Each style has four arrangers with multiple intros, fills, and endings for quick and simple creation of accompaniment.

Several DSP effects are included, such as reverb, delay, chorus, and more.

When a microphone is connected, the optional vocalizer provides controllable harmonies for your vocal performance. All this and more in a durable, ultra-portable unit make the XD3 a great choice.


Ketron XD3 Manual in English

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