Professional Weltmeister Cantus V Delux Accordion

Dear Accordion Friends,

This is a professional concert accordion, Weltmeister Cantus V Delux Double Chamber model, made in the 1970s in Eastern Germany. Weltmeister produced the following tone chamber models: Supita, S4, S5, Cantus IV, and Cantus V. These instruments are popular and respected in Europe. Many excellent Russian, German, Polish, and Balkan musicians prefer these accordions to the Italian instruments for the deeper bassoon and clarinet sound and the lower and robust bass sound. If you have played these models then you know the special "thick" rich tone with spectacular depth and power. 

This particular accordion looks almost like new. There is absolutely no bellows wear. The original leather straps are soft and comfortable. The compression is excellent. The tuning offers a wide variety of concert and musette sounds. The bass starts at low E!

You can get a feel of the tonal character of the Weltmeister Cantus V watching these YouTube videos:

Musette 3 (MMM), Violin 2 (M2M3), Bandonion (LM1), Musette 2 (M2M3H), Violin 2 (M2M3). Master (LMMH) 

Harmonium (LM1H)

Violin 2 (M2M3)

Oboe (M1H), Violin 1 (M1M2), Organ (LH)

The accordion is clean, in tune, and ready for a new home. Call 973-770-6877 for a phone demo or to schedule a visit to the Accordion Gallery. 

Several key tops have minor surface scratches. I took special care and light to show them in the photograph below.
These are barely visible and don't affect the performance of the instrument. The key tops feel smooth to the touch.

The treble valves and white and clean, absolutely like new. The serial number is stamped on all main components.

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